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RE: Install problems: Potato / boot disks 2.2.5

Actually, I haven't run 'fsck -f' ..

I think I may have found the problem though ..

I decided to stop trying to use the single channel controller, and attempted
a test install on the larger raid setup .. it worked fine ! .. so I pulled
the drives out of the single channel controller, and put them in the drive
bays of the larger one .. (will just pull the 16mb card and use it as a
paper weight .. the 128mb controller is like a 100x faster anyway)

It would appear that there may be a problem in the kernel driver for the
16mb controller .. I'll send that on to the kernel list ..

As for this problem, thanks for your help guys ;)  (sorry I didn't try the
other controller earlier .. :-/)


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> Subject: Re: Install problems: Potato / boot disks 2.2.5
> >>>>> "Terry" == Terry Katz <katz@advanced.org> writes:
>     Terry> Adam,
>     Terry>   I re-ran the potato install this morning, and this
> is the error generated
>     Terry> by mounting the partitions:
>     Terry>   Ext2-fs error (device sd(8,5)):
> ext2_check_blocks_bitmap: Block #501 of
>     Terry> the inode table in group 25 is marked free
>     Terry> and then this continues for a couple screens
> (different block numbers)
>     Terry> and then in the end, I get a error saying the free
> size count is wrong.
>  Have you run `fsck -f'?
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