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Re: Status of Potato?

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Brandon Mitchell wrote:

> On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > >1. keyboard couldn't be configured, I beleve there was a problem writing
> > >to /tmp.
> > 
> > Are you sure you didn't just get a message about writing to temp?  Are
> > you sure that the keyboard really didn't get configured properly,
> > despite what is I suspect just a spurious error msg?
> I always pick the default anyway, and everything seemed to work, but the
> option remained as the one that it wanted to run next.

Ok, seems / was not mounted rw, because a simple "mount /dev/root / -o
remount,rw" fixed many problems, including this one.

> > >2. the driver install failed, probably because I was using a different
> > >kernel, the screen never said why.
> > 
> > Oh foo!  Did you check /var/log/messages? 
> > 
> > Use the 'debug' flag when debugging, and look in tty3 or
> > /var/log/message (same thing, more or less).
> I can regenerate the errors.  I guess the debug option is at the initial
> boot screen.  Assuming I'm not snowed in, I can try it by early next week.

I wasn't able to get /var/log/messages or tty3, probably because of /
being ro during boot.

> > >4. netfetch failed, perhaps the network never was properly configured.  I
> > >stoped here with a lack of floppies.
> > 
> > Ugh.  Please try to track down more.  Need more info.  Such as
> > ifconfig output and what steps you did to do netconfiguration, etc.
> When dhcp failed, it offered to do a normal configuration, which I did.

dhcp worked this time!

But now the bad news, the kernel/driver install hangs.  After downloading
drivers and the rescue.bin, the original blue screen with the one line
Debian Install process or something like that just sits there.  No errors
printed.  No log or tty3 to look at unfortunately.  I didn't see anything
interesting in a ps, but cpu load was definately up there.  It's a quick
machine, so I don't believe I was giving up too soon, and there was no hd 

Here are my plans for the next try, open up root.bin and try to change the
init script to remount / early on to see if it helps logging.  Also, use
the debian kernel image since any patches they use may help.  Once I get
it working, I'll try to narrow down my kernel config to determine what is
required.  I'd also like to make a drivers image, which would be a first
for me.

Things are getting further along each time, makes me feel good.

Hopefully I'm not duplicating any work,

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