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RE: Install problems: Potato / boot disks 2.2.5

  I re-ran the potato install this morning, and this is the error generated
by mounting the partitions:

  Ext2-fs error (device sd(8,5)): ext2_check_blocks_bitmap: Block #501 of
the inode table in group 25 is marked free

and then this continues for a couple screens (different block numbers)

and then in the end, I get a error saying the free size count is wrong.

The partitions are set up as follows:
  /dev/sda1 - 2gig (root)
  /dev/sda2 - 14gig (usr)
  /dev/sda3 - 2gig (swap)
  /dev/sdb1 - 158gig (data)

The error doesn't seem to always happen with /dev/sda1, but it always does
with sda2 (sometimes sda1 mounts fine, other times it doesn't.. however,
sda2 never mounts fine).  Under the 'slink' install all drives mount fine.

Hardware Config:
  Dell PowerEdge 8450
  Dual Xeon 550/2mb
  2gig ram
  /dev/sda: PERC/2SC (Single Channel 16mb AMI MegaRaid,
			works fine on other poweredges we have)
  /dev/sdb: AMI MegaRaid 467 (Dual Channel 128mb,
			first time use, supposed to work fine under Linux)

Any other info needed?


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