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Bug#56600: pcmcia interfaces for boot floppies

Randolph Chung wrote:

> In looking through dbootstrap, it seems that the pcmcia+dhcp code is not yet
> completed. i'm not sure who was working on that last. If you, faithful reader,
> are that person, please speak up! :-)

Hopefully a friend of mine will lend me his laptop next week so I can finish
this - right now I don't have PCMCIA.

> Now, if you are installing on dhcp+ethernet, dbootstrap writes to
> /etc/network/interfaces, and I believe this works fine.

Not really. The problem is that netbase tries to call dhclient (from the
dhcp-client package) for DHCP interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces. However,
dhclient requires a kernel that was compiled with CONFIG_PACKET and
CONFIG_FILTER. Both kernels (standard and compact) have af_packet.o as module
but only the compact kernel has CONFIG_FILTER=y - so you can't use dhclient
with the standard kernel.

The best solution would be if ifup from netbase used pump instead of
dhclient. pump is also on the boot floppies and it requires only
CONFIG_PACKET (but on the other hand only works with kernel 2.2). I have
filed an important bug against netbase (#56020) which includes a patch
for this.

> However, what is the scenario with pcmcia+/etc/network/interfaces?

PCMCIA interfaces take their network configuration from the file
/etc/pcmcia/network.opts, you can also set DHCP there.

> Does pcmcia work with that file?

No, the maintainer of pcmcia-cs decided not to use this file because it
contains some comments about the alpha state of ifup/ifdown (see the recent
discussion on debian-boot with the subject "Static network configuration").

Stefan Gybas

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