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Re: today's boot-floppies slop build and bugs preventing 2.2.5

On Wed Jan 26, 2000 at 12:03:51PM -0700, Erik Andersen wrote:
> Just a status update.  I think I've got the code correct
> now so that it doesn't leak loop devices, even in the 
> fringe cases, but I am seeing a bit more strangeness with 
> mount sometimes returning -1 from mount(2) on loop mounts,
> so please be a bit patient...  I'm _almost_ there.

Now fixed in CVS.  Please feel free to bang on it.  

Surprisingly, mount and not umount was guilty.  It was leaking 1 loop device
everytime it tested to find a free loop device, and it was leaking one when the
mount(2) call failed. 


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