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Re: amiga-fdisk 0.4 and debian/potato boot floppies.

> So the normal installation process on amiga (both m68k and apus) should be :
>  * use an amigaos tool, or reuse the old partitioning.
>  * if that does not work, use amiga-fdisk to repartition. amiga-fdisk should
> 	 be called by the "Partition the harddisk" menu option, or also directly on
> 	 a shell as amiga-fdisk or fdisk on amiga systems.
>  * for the "View the partition table" menu option, libfdisk amiga partitioning
> 	 support is used.
> Is this correct ?


> In case it is, are you aware that amiga-fdisk 0.04 needs libncurses
> and libreadline ?

That's how this thread started :-)


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