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Re: amiga-fdisk 0.4 and debian/potato boot floppies.

On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 12:10:14PM +0100, Roman Hodek wrote:
> > Isn't fdisk/amiga only used to get the partition data of the disks?
> This was done in the past, but now dbootstrap contains a libfdisk for
> this purpose.
> The amiga-fdisk is for the user to repartition his disk if needed.

So the normal installation process on amiga (both m68k and apus) should be :

 * use an amigaos tool, or reuse the old partitioning.

 * if that does not work, use amiga-fdisk to repartition. amiga-fdisk should
   be called by the "Partition the harddisk" menu option, or also directly on
   a shell as amiga-fdisk or fdisk on amiga systems.

 * for the "View the partition table" menu option, libfdisk amiga partitioning
   support is used.

Is this correct ?

In case it is, are you aware that amiga-fdisk 0.04 needs libncurses and
libreadline ? a fix is on the way to produce a libreadline free amiga-fdisk
package for the boot floppies.



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