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rename strip_executables to strip_executables.sh ?

Hi, this is pretty superficial, but i was just thinking that
./scripts/rootdisk/strip_executables should probably be renamed to

My only reson for this is that all the other scripts that are ran when
making the boot floppies are .sh

I stumbled across this when ftping the source between two of my
I had to do a chmod +x *.sh in a few directories, strip_executables was
the only file i had to do a +x on that didnt have the .sh extension (and
it is a shell script)

strip_executables.sh is called twice from ./rootdisk.sh, i renamed it
and and changed it in those two places its called and ran a make, it
worked as good as beforehand

b.t.w. i still cant run the boot floppies from cvs code, get some weird
noauto error just before dbootstrap runs, any ideas?


Glenn McGrath

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