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more module descriptions

Here are some suggested module descriptions taken from the source code
and Documentation/Configure.help.  I have submitted them in a wishlist
bug report against debconf.  However, I don't know how long that will
take.  Can they be incorporated into the boot floppy sources in the
mean time?

		- Jim Van Zandt

summary_dtlk="Double Talk PC internal speech card support"
summary_nfsd="NFS server support"
summary_nls_cp437="Charset cp437 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp737="Charset cp737 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp775="Charset cp775 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp850="Charset cp850 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp852="Charset cp852 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp855="Charset cp855 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp857="Charset cp857 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp860="Charset cp860 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp861="Charset cp861 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp862="Charset cp862 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp863="Charset cp863 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp864="Charset cp864 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp865="Charset cp865 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp866="Charset cp866 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp869="Charset cp869 translation tables"
summary_nls_cp874="Charset cp874 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-14="Charset iso8859-14 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-15="Charset iso8859-15 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-1="Charset iso8859-1 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-2="Charset iso8859-2 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-3="Charset iso8859-3 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-4="Charset iso8859-4 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-5="Charset iso8859-5 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-6="Charset iso8859-6 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-7="Charset iso8859-7 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-8="Charset iso8859-8 translation tables"
summary_nls_iso8859-9="Charset iso8859-9 translation tables"
summary_nls_koi8-r="Charset koi8-r translation tables"
summary_nm256="NeoMagic 256AV/256ZX sound chipsets"
summary_ntfs="Windows NT NTFS support (read only)"
summary_nvram="/dev/nvram support"
summary_olympic="IBM Olympic chipset PCI adapter support"
summary_on20="Onspec 90c20 parallel to IDE adapter chip"
summary_on26="OnSpec 90c26 parallel to IDE adapter chip"
summary_opl3="Yamaha YM3812 and OPL-3 -chips"
summary_opl3sa2="Yamaha OPL3-SA2, SA3 and SAx cards"
summary_opl3sa="Yamaha YMF701B aka OPL3-SA chip"
summary_optcd="Optics Storage 8000 AT CDROM"
summary_paride="parallel port IDE devices"
summary_pc110pad="PC110 digitizer pad support"
summary_pc87108="FIR/MIR driver for the NS PC87108 chip"
summary_pcd="parallel port ATAPI CD-ROM drives"
summary_pci2000="PCI2000 support"
summary_pci2220i="PCI2220i support"
summary_pd="parallel port IDE hard disk drives"
summary_pf="parallel port ATAPI hard disk drives"
summary_pg="interface for sending ATAPI commands to a device"
summary_pms="Mediavision Pro Movie Studio Video For Linux"
summary_ppp_deflate="Deflate compression and decompression for PPP"
summary_psi240i="PSI240i support"
summary_pss="Personal Sound System (ECHO ESC614)"
summary_pt="Gracilis PackeTwin"
summary_qlogicfc="Qlogic ISP FC SCSI"
summary_qnx4="QNX filesystem"
summary_radio-aimslab="AIMSlab RadioTrack (aka RadioReveal) support"
summary_radio-aztech="Aztech/Packard Bell Radio"
summary_radio-cadet="ADS Cadet AM/FM Radio Tuner Card"
summary_radio-gemtek="GemTek Radio Card"
summary_radio-miropcm20="Miro PCM20 Radio"
summary_radio-rtrack2="AIMSlab RadioTrack II support"
summary_radio-sf16fmi="SF16FMI Radio"
summary_radio-trust="Trust FM Radio Card"
summary_radio-typhoon="Typhoon Radio"
summary_radio-zoltrix="Zoltrix Radio"
summary_rcpci="Red Creek Hardware VPN (EXPERIMENTAL)"
summary_romfs="ROM filesystem"
summary_saa5249="SAA5249 Teletext processor"
summary_saa7111="Philips SAA7111A video decoder"
summary_saa7185="Philips SAA7185B video encoder"
summary_sb1000="General Instruments Surfboard 1000"
summary_sb="Sound Blaster compatible (SB16/32/64, ESS, Jazz16)"
summary_sc="Spellcaster BRI ISDN boards"
summary_scsi_debug="SCSI Debug host simulator."
summary_sealevel="Sealevel Systems 4021"
summary_sgalaxy="Aztech Sound Galaxy cards"
summary_sim710="Simple 53c710 SCSI support (Compaq, NCR machines)"
summary_sis900="SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet"
summary_sktr="SysKonnect adapter support"
summary_smc-ircc="SMC Infrared Communications Controller"
summary_smc9194="SMC 9194 Support"
summary_sonicvibes="S3 Sonic Vibes audio driver"
summary_sound="OSS sound modules"
summary_soundcore="Sound card support"
summary_sscape="Ensoniq SoundScape"
summary_sym53c416="Symbios Logic sym53c416 support"
summary_sym53c8xx="SYM53C8XX SCSI support"
summary_syncppp="synchronous PPP for Linux and CISCO HDLC"
summary_sysv="System V, Version 7 and Coherent filesystem"
summary_tmscsim="Tekram DC390(T) and Am53/79C974 (PCscsi) SCSI support"
summary_toshoboe="Toshiba OBOE (or type-O or 700 or 701) FIR Chipset"
summary_trix="MediaTrix AudioTrix Pro (MT-0002-PC Control Chip)"
summary_tuner="BT848 Video For Linux"
summary_uart401="MPU-401 UART driver (formerly uart401_midi.c)"
summary_uart6850="6850 UART support"
summary_ufs="UFS filesystem"
summary_uircc="Sharp Universal Infrared Communications Controller"
summary_ultrastor="UltraStor SCSI support"
summary_umsdos="umsdos: Unix like fs on top of standard MSDOS fs"
summary_unix="Unix domain sockets"
summary_v_midi="Sound Blaster DS chips"
summary_vfat="Windows VFAT filesystem"
summary_via82cxxx="VIA 82Cxxx Audio Codecs"
summary_videodev="Video capture interface for Linux"
summary_w83977af_ir="FIR driver for Winbond W83977AF Super I/O chip"
summary_wavefront="Turtle Beach WaveFront synth/sound cards"
summary_x25="CCITT X.25 Packet Layer"
summary_x25_asy="X.25 async driver"
summary_zft-compressor="lzrw3 based compression for ftape"
summary_zftape="file system interface for ftape"

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