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Bug#48866: Time problems AGAIN!

I've taken the liberty of forwarding this solution to the two bug reports
(48866 and 53808) that seem to concern this same time zone problem (in
potato).  The solution Michael gives is different from the one proposed in
earlier discussion of these bugs.  The earlier solutions either did not fix
the problem, or made debian reset the actual time on the hardware clock.

Bart: Since you ran into the problem without using the boot floppies, it
clearly is not limited to them.  I reported the boot-floppies version
partly to identify which flavor of potato I had, and partly because I
didn't know if other routes of install led to the same problem.  Apparently
they do.

The best way for anyone to avoid frustration right now it to stick to the
stable release, aka slink or Debian 2.1.  Potato is still in development,
and it has bugs.

At 11:42 AM 1/22/00 -0500, Michael Dahlberg wrote:
>Bart Szyszka [bart@gigabee.com] wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think this is a glitch with Debian slink or something because this is
[Ross: Bart later reported that he had upgraded to potato before
encountering the problem.]
>> completely insane. While installing Debian, it asks you about your
>> hardware clock being set to GMT or local. The question asks if it's
>> OK to set the clock to GMT. The last time I did this I picked 'No' for
>> absolutely sure and the time between Windows and Debian was
>> just right (when I had selected Yes previous times they became 5
>> hours apart). Now I used the same Rescue disk and installed the
>> same stuff off my harddrive, had picked 'No' for that question *for sure*
>> and my time in Windows was offset by 5 hours AGAIN! This is
>> completely insane! I am about to shoot myself because this time stuff
>> between Debian and Windows and the hardware clock is incredibly
>> annoying. I had finally got it to work last time I reinstalled Debian,
>> *made sure* I followed the same steps, and here we go again! Please
>> tell me there is some very simple thing I can do (and it *better* be
>> simple) to do the equivalent of selecting 'No' for that question. *Please*
>> or else I might just have to pull that trigger. This is very very very
>> frustrating.
>Yes, I had the same problem and the same frustration.  I also did not
>use the boot disks to upgrade from slink to potato.  I solved it by 
>modifying the /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh file.  Here's the file with 
>annotations on what was changed:
># hwclock.sh	Set and adjust the CMOS clock, according to the UTC
>#		setting in /etc/default/rcS (see also rcS(5)).
># Version:	@(#)hwclock.sh  2.00  14-Dec-1998  miquels@cistron.nl
>. /etc/default/rcS
>[ "$GMT" = "-u" ] && UTC="yes"
>case "$UTC" in
>       no|"") GMT=""      ;;  <-----------THIS LINE CHANGED
>       no|"") GMT="--localtime" ;; <------TO THIS LINE
>       yes)   GMT="--utc" ;;
>       *)     echo "$0: unknown UTC setting: \"$UTC\"" >&2 ;;
>The rest of the file was the same.  So just change the first no| line to
>the second, reboot (or rerun the shell script) and your system will be
>set back to local time.  How simple this is, is for you to decide.

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