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Installation with potato bootfloppies


This is a (failed) installation report for 2.2.4-bootfloppies

I do not remember every message, but I hope it's enough for debugging.

I tried to install potato with 2.2.4 bootfloppies and I failed while
configuring the ethernet-device.

The maschine is a slightly old Dell Dimension Pentium 90.
PCI and ISA. BIOS seems to support PnP :-)

1 IDE HD (Seagate) 1 primary partition (win98) ~2 GB (VFAT32) hda1
                   1 extended with: 
			3 locigal ~2 GB each (VFAT32) hda5-7
                        1 logigal ~128 MB swap        hda8
			"    "    ~100 MB  /          hda9
                        "    "    ~150 MB  /var       hda10 
			"    "    ~350 MB  /usr       hda11
                        "    "    ~250 MB  /home      hda12

1 Adaptec 2940 with 1 CD-Rom-Drive

1 SMC EtherEZ Network-Card (which caused the problems)

I made rescue/boot/3 driver-disks.

Booting from rescue: no problem
Inserting root: some mesgs conserning busybox and logging which I do not
remember. (I'll report soon) but got the installation menu.

3. Keyboard selection: ok

4. Initialization of swap and ext2 Partitions: no Problem, but I had to
read the info about the different ext2 (Kernel 2.0 and 2.2) twice and
selected no, to enable the newer one??? Default seems to be for 2.0?, Why?

5. Installation of Kernel and Modules: inserted rescue and Driver1-3: ok

6. Configuring Driver Modules: The problem:

According to Ethernet-Howto I disabled PnP on the SMC-Card and set manualy
IRQ to 10 and IO to 0x300.

After selecting 'Configure Driver Modules' I had to wait a long time (the
machine was very slow :-( ) 
I think debmod -a was executed???
there was a msg: 'depmod: Error reading ELF header: No such file or

Next menu was shown: I selected: 'net'

after a short while: I selected smc-ultra as suggested in the
Ethernet-HowTo. then 'Install' to to install the module.

Then there was a msg I couuldn't read, because it disappeared very fast,
anything with gzip.

then a error msg that there is no help for the parameters

entered 'io=0x300 irq=10' 

next msgs: 

Note: /etc/modules.conf is older than /lib/modules/2.2.13/modules.deb 
(or vice versa, I do not remember) 
/lib/modules/2.2.13/net/smc-ultra.o: Device or Resource busy

... failed.

I do not know against whatever I should file a bug report so I wrote this

Heute ist nicht alle Tage, ich komme wieder, keine Frage!!!


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