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Re: jfbterm support (Re: [Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>] Re: framebuffer)

On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 03:37:00AM +0900, Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> Sorry, I have commit the patch from hattas, before reading the mails from Adam
> and Michael. (with the modification to use the new feature of trim-mo in 
> pointerize 0.4, since it has been installed in frozen at master.debian.org.)
The messages were posted after you comitted your changes. :)  So you had no
chance to read them by that time.

I believe the bogl is not ready yet for multiple languages (as there is no
working example of how to make it possible to display Russian (koi8-r) or Czech
(iso-8859-2) or anything else.

> currently bogl use .bdf (which is much bigger than
>  compressed .pcf)
It does not matter since it converts them into C code.  I do not think this
representation is worse than what is used in .pcf.
> it may lack of the scheme to switch the fonts in according to the encoding
> of text. (this is required when we use mixed Kanji/Kana/Alphabet text)
That's the main problem, IMHO.

> # I tried to build "LINGUA=ja" boot-floppies today. it can boot up as well as,
> # "LINGUA=C" floppies, but the messages in Japanese can not be read at all.
> # I think the potato boot-floppies should be enable to display some readable
> # messages at least.
Hmm...  And how it worked earlier.  Do you use special floppies at debian@jp?

> if the name "_ja" is not adequate, then let's change that name
> into something like "_mb" or "_multibyte".
I believe this may be adequate. :)  I mean "_ja", I would only change that code
you comitted to check for FILE_$LINGUA.


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