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Re: Hardware detection program

On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 01:36:05PM -0500, Ugo Enrico Albarello wrote:

> >I think it would be good to have a hardware detecting programm for Debian
> >and I would also write that, based on debconf in perl. We would need a
> >database with cards and vendors and which card depends on which modules. But
> >I think we would have quite a lot of database entries if most of the people
> >trying that program, send me a scan of the PCI bus and say for which card
> >they use which modules. I had this implemented for ISDN-cards already
> >and it worked in nearly all cases fine.
> You can check the work made in kudzu (RedHat hardware detection program), or
> lothar (mandrake's one)

Yes. Perhaps it is possible to convert the hardware database (or parts of
it). I thought of implementing a format for the database (vendor and cards)
simelar to the Debian control and debconf template one. For the vendors it
could look like that:

Vendor: intel
Company: Intel Corporation
PCI-ID: 8086

Vendor: ensoniq
Company: Ensoniq
PCI-ID: 1274

I thought of making groups of hardware type, like e.g. ISDN-adapters or
soundcards and put each group into one file.


Device: AudioPCI 1370
Vendor: ensoniq
PCI-ID: 5000
Module: es1370
#Parameter: irq, io    # not need in this case


I'll have a look at the RedHat and Mandrake package on the weekend. Thanks
for the hint. What do you think of my ideas? Are they OK?


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