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Hardware detection program


my name is Roland Bauerschmidt and I wrote a package for configuring
ISDN-cards for a local distribution based on Debian. I realised that Debian
doesn't have a tool for detecting and installing hardware. My package does
hardware detection for PCI ISDN-cards. I thought of splitting the package
into a hardware and a software configuration part.

I think it would be good to have a hardware detecting programm for Debian
and I would also write that, based on debconf in perl. We would need a
database with cards and vendors and which card depends on which modules. But
I think we would have quite a lot of database entries if most of the people
trying that program, send me a scan of the PCI bus and say for which card
they use which modules. I had this implemented for ISDN-cards already
and it worked in nearly all cases fine.

I mailed with Joey (Martin Schulze) already and he said that he thinks that
you need something like that, and I should contact you. I would be happy if
you could answer me if you would like me to write such a programm to set-up
hardware or if there is already a program for Debian doing this.

Greetings from Germany,

Roland Bauerschmidt -- Freiberger Str. 17, 28215 Bremen, Germany
phone: +49 421 3762382, e-mail: rolbau@gmx.de, http://roland.inbremen.net/

Linux -- the choice of the GNU generation

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