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Re: Static network configuration

> netbase 3.16-1 introduced a new structure for configuring the network 
> interfaces using /sbin/ifup and /etc/network/interfaces, however the boot
> floppies still create the static network configuration in
> /etc/init.d/network.
> I'm the maintainer of the Debian linuxconf package and have just written
> some code so that Linuxconf can now read the configuration from
> /etc/network/interfaces and also write back changes to this file (although
> it does not yet preserve comments added by the user). This is AFAIK
> currently the only possibility to configure the network using a GUI and
> thus the only easy way for beginners.
> What do you think about writing the static network configuration that the
> user entered during installation to /etc/network/interfaces instead of
> /etc/init.d/network? A patch to dbootstrap/netconfig.c is easy (I can
> commit these changes to CVS if you agree).

Good idea. I hope we will do this. But we should use this also then for
pcmcia. I don't like it to have two different locations for 'normal' eth0
and another one for pcmcia-eth0. 



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