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Re: new after-boot config (long)

  (lurk mode off, hope it's not a mistake ;-) )

  I really like most of this, and I hate to open a (nasty-smelling) can of
worms, but:

On Sat, Jan 08, 2000 at 02:14:08AM -0800, Joey Hess was heard to say:
> Debian makes available some non-free software. though this software is not
> part of Debian proper, it can be installed with apt. This software has
> limitations on its distribution, modification, and/or use. Do you wish to
> use this software? 
> Use non-free software? [n]

> Note that some of the questions, like stable/unstable, and "Use non-free
> software?" are ommitted if the config is run at a higher priority. In fact,
> if it is run with the highest possible priority, you see only 2 questions
> plus the adduser, apt-setup, and the tasksel program. I'm working on
> trimming that down to even fewer questions..

  I think this could be a problem.  The people installing at higher priorities
are more likely to be newbies, and are likely to need at least one program
from non-free (netscape).  While I think I understand the reason you're
defaulting that question to 'n', I think that either the default should be
changed, or the question's priority should be upgraded (preferable, I think).
Otherwise we're going to be deluged in complaints that people can't find
netscape on a fresh Debian install..


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