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Re: FAI 1.0: facts and answers

Massimo Dal Zotto <dz@cs.unitn.it> writes:

> True, this is the real problem with my installer. I hope it will be solved
> when all the packages have been converted to debconf, which I'm planning to
> use in the future. At that time I had no choices because debconf wasn't yet
> available and I wanted to propose a configuration method which could be
> integrated with debian, like debconf is now.

Cool.  I hope you're helping out by debconf'ing at least the base pkgs
and sending patches to maintainers?  Also, see the new base-config cvs
module under the cvs.debian.org/cvs/debian-boot CVSROOT, where we're
doing base configuration from.  This will be added to base, and you
should be able to use this to inhibit or cleaning reconfigure base.

> I hope it can use the official packages in the future. Unfortunately it seems
> that the automatic installation has not a very high priority at the moment.

BTW, Massimo, it's very high on my list.

> My opinion is that both methods have their advantages and their limits but
> overall I prefer a method which could be integrated with debian instead of
> one which changes things from the outside and requires another server for
> the installation.

Here here.  Although I think theoretically it is possible to have a
*package* which installs and makes any running debian box an "OS
server", putting files in the right places and having sbin scripts to
configure and check stuff.  Esp. with the http options available now.

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