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Re: Sparc10 Boot problem

Kurt Telep wrote:
> Are there any updated boot images for debian sparc
> besides those that are provided on the installation

In progress.  I just finished compiling rescue, root & drivers disks.
I still have some glytches in basedisks construction, but I hope they will be
fixed very soon (I need to download the latest updates to potato first).

> CD.  Whever I attempt to boot from the CD, it detects
> all the SCSI drives, then goes into a cycle.
>     esp0: disconnect, resetting bus
>     esp0: resetting bus....
>     esp0: SCSI bus reset interrupt
>     esp0: SCSI bus reset interrupt
>     esp0: disconnect, resetting bus
> and will not continue to load the kernel.

Which kernel did you try ? 2.0.35 or 2.2.1 ?

> When I tried the redhat boot disk, (Kernel 2.2.15) it
> booted perfectly (but I dont' want to run redhat)  Is
> there a way for me to MAKE an updated boot disk,
> possibly on an i386 box and cross compile it or
> something?

You can get the latest kernel-image-2.2.13 package from potato, extract the
kernel it contains, then put it on the rescue disk (mount it as ext2 floppy and
replace the "linux" file).  If you don't need modules to load, you can ignore
the drivers disk, otherwise you also need to replace the modules.tgz archive on

Hope it helps.

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