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Re: Bug#53563: Retracting original bug, adding new ones with lower severity

Ross Boylan <RossBoylan@stanfordalumni.org> writes:

> Is vfat included in the things fixed in 2.2.4?  I thought it was just mv
> and cp.

I don't believe so.  Please interact with the kernel maintainer, aka
kernel-image-2.2.13@packages.debian.org.  We do *not* maintain kernel
images.  When we have problems with the kernel images, we file bugs on
it just like anyone.

> >Yeah -- that's a kernel issue -- not much we can do....

> Except document it.  Several of my concerns centered on knowing exactly
> what types of partitions (e.g., vfat, ntfs) should be readable or writable
> at the different installation stages.

Well -- sure.  You could file a wishlist bug for this.  It varies by

> I believe the relevant packages are apt and dselect, not the target
> packages that were indicated as broken.
> What I was trying to do was definitely non-standard.  If I run through an
> install again I can indicate more precisely what if any problems remain,
> and how to reproduce them.  Right now I'd say my report is mostly a
> heads-up that it might be worth testing this area a bit more.

Ok -- good that we CC'd debian-testing then.

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