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Re: trimmed down rescue/root/driver disk sets

On Sat, Jan 01, 2000 at 10:21:04PM -0700, Randolph Chung wrote:
> On i386, preliminary tests show that I can create a root/rescue/driver set
> with support for common setups (ide, scsi, pci/isa net cards, pcmcia, but no
> raid) in 3 disks (1 root + 1 rescue + 1 driver) instead of the current 5.
> It'd be really nice if the root and rescue image can fit on the same floppy,
> but i don't know if that'll possible. The kernel image I have now is about
> 940k. :(
You might want to look at how tomsrtbt and the other mini-Linuxes do it.
The consensus seems to be to use a 1722k superformatted disk.  Don't know
how that will work with _old_ floppy drives.
> A question for you all: what is the minimum set of options that need to be
> built into the kernel? How much of it can be built into modules and still
> allow for easy installs? In my experiments, I am building in some common pci
> net cards (again, for i386) -- tulip, via-rhine, eepro, vortex, etc. I think
> this will work well for people who plan to use Marcel's net-install code.
> can we do anything with scsi support? can that all be modularized without
> sacrificing ease of install?
DON'T do it the Corel way :( There is just one disk for install and rescue.
Almost everything is a module - OK _BUT_ the autoprobing for hardware for 
modules to install causes my machine (and a few others) to lock solid.
[The cure is to rebuild the kernel - but they don't give you the kernel source
installed by default, they've modified the configs fairly extensively - and
they don't use make-kpkg :< ]  The scsi card I have is a Tekram DC390T - there
are two drivers available in kernel source - if you use both, it causes problems- just use the AMS _and_ DC390 one. The probe for the WD7000 causes problems
for Adaptec's doesn't it IIRC? It would be nice to see the 3c509 card
included as standard if that were not too much trouble - or put all network
cards in as modules.
> randolph
HTH, Andy

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