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Re: Checklist for boot-floppies release?

Hi all

Regarding the md problem of kernels freezing during bootup (i assume
this is the bug you refer to) its a known problem that some combinations
of UDMA66 controllers and drives can cause the kernel to freeze (it
happens with my hpt366 sometimes).

There is an option in the kernel to compile in a compare the hardware to
a list of known bad drives. This may be an option in the IDE patch im
not too sure.

Ive been away for a bit, i was trying to work on better raid support, so
you can install to a md partitions, ill checkit out where its at
currently and tonight and see what i can do.

Glenn McGrath

Erik Andersen wrote:
> I was looking over the todo list, looking for something to do, and
> realised that I don't know what the required feature set is for getting
> this thing released. If folks don't mind, lets spend a few minutes and
> nail down what has to be done in the next week or two so we can get this
> thing out the door for potato.
> Here are the things I think should be finished for potato
> boot-floppies:
>     1. dhcp should be integrated
>         Task: Modify dbootstrap netconfig
>         Task: Make the kernel support CONFIG_PACKET and CONFIG_FILTER (bug #50996)
>         Task: Add dhcp-client to base
>         Task: Add dhcp-client to root<x>.bin
>     2. md problem???
>         Task: dunno, but it almost certainly isn't md, but some driver conflict.
>     3. Implement "install base system from an HTTP server".
>         Task: Get Sean 'Shaleh' Perry or Marcel to decide which of their
>             solutions is going in, and have them check in whatever they have.
>             This ain't no cathedral. :)
>         Task: dunno
>     4. language-chooser and i18n for boot-floppies
>         Task: dunno
> Any other tasks folks can think of?  Keep in mind that since we are going
> to freeze on January 15, huge tasks just arn't going to happen.
>  -Erik
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