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Re: Base shrinkage proposal

Is there a situation, where base must be installed from floppies, and
it is possible to install the rest of a functioning Debian system with
some other means?

What I mean is, if floppy install is the only possibility, then
reducing the number of boot floppies by making special stub packages
does not really help, because then the real full function packages
must be installed from floppies anyway. 

I have nothing against providing support for floppy install, but if
some person is forced to install that way it is so major PITA that a
few floppies more or less does not matter. If I can not install from
CD, LAN, other hard disk partition or serial link, I would seriouly
consider dumping that computer and getting a new one with support for
some usable hardware for installation. 

Tapio Lehtonen
PGP public key from http://www.iki.fi/Tapio.Lehtonen

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