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Re: newt-gtk for installation procedure

AGX <agx@linux.it> writes:

> i did notice that newt have already has too, and are quite easy to use.
> I would like to know if THERE IS SOMEBODY around WHO STARTED A
> SIMILAR LIBRARY/WRAPPER to the mine that uses newt inplace of ncurses 
> for the console.
> I would like to know this before to start porting libgringo 
> to newt and dropping ncurses.

Not sure... what sort of library do you need?  I mean, libnewt already
is a library?

> Finally, i would like to tank you, if you can point me to the right
> place where talk about enhancing the configuration of somethings,
> like plug'n'pray or soundcards. Is there a person, a ML, or should
> i contact the mantainer of the appropriate packages ?

We're very interested in much of that here.

I guess you might work with the upstream Debain maintainer of the
right packages, i.e., isapnp pkg or whatever.

As for kernel and device and OSS configuration, I really think that a
debian-only effort is going to be less successful than a linux-wide
effort.  So I would try the linux kernel list and try to get something

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