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CVS compiling <> cfdisk


I made a util-linux-boot package from util-linux, which's cfdisk
is compiled with slang. I'm not a developer, so I can't upload it, you can
use it, if you download it from ftp://debian.njszki.hu/boot-floppies. It's
a slow line (128Kbit/s) so if anyubody can give me space in a fast
machine, I will be susrprised. 

Put this package to your incoming directory, and set the line util-linux
in scripts/rootdisk/EXTRACT_LIST_<arch> to util-linux-boot.

Can I help in any other things?

Risko Gergely

PS: I probed out the make release with these changes and it works. It
puts the util-linux-boot...deb to the updates and use this for rootdisk,
and on rootdisk the cfdisk works. So it's successfully compiled with

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