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Re: 2.2 kernel "flavors" needed for i386 -- any list?

Adam Di Carlo scripsit:
|So, to clarify, your video gets blanked but otherwise things seem to
|be working?  At what exact point does this happen?  What is the last
|boot-message you see?

The video gets blanked out (i.e. goes blank and no video signal,
monitor goes into power save) the moment the kernel boots, the last I
see is

Loading linux........

and that's it.  As you say then everything works fine, I can sort of
semi-blindly get to the partitioning and then booting into M$-DOG
fdisk reports that the partitions are made, etc.  So the rescue disk
has booted OK, it has just turned off the on-board VGA somehow.

Technical details:

Dell 4xx/S and 4xx/L models (i486, amd486), xx=25,33,66
On-board VGA is either an ET4000 or Quadtel
16Mb RAM

We have a stack of these second-hand which we want to use for simple
services reserving the few Pentiums we have for stuff like
StarOffice.  At the moment the "installation procedure" involves
taking the HD out, installing on a Pentium, sticking the disk back in
and everything works.

What I find puzzling is that, unless I've missed the plot of course,
we never install a particular kernel-image on the HD which to me means
that we are effectively booting from HD using the same kernel as the
one on the bootdisks.  So why should it turn off the VGA card only on
floppy boot?  Using one of these i486s to then compile a new
kernel-image (using make-kpkg) and a zImage works fine and the kernel
in bootable (2.0.38 for the record).

Yours puzzled,


Arrigo Triulzi <arrigo@nh.netherhall.org.uk>
Netherhall House, London, UK

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