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Re: An addition to busybox

On Wed, Dec 08, 1999 at 01:16:12AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> If this is the case, why does busybox need to be able to "downsample"
> unicode fonts to local charsets?  Why not just add console-tools to
> base and then do it in the base configuration step or post-install
> tasks?
Are we going to localize the installation procedure?

Let me try to explain (I must put this into my document).  There are three
main places where the localization is important for us:

    -- language-chooser on boot floppies
    -- dbootstrap program on boot floppies
    -- working system

End user should be able to see writings in her native language.  That means
that one font per charset should be on boot floppies.  When she exits the
language-chooser program, she already has chosen:

    -- a font to be used while installation procedure
    -- [a set of] file(s) with messages for dbootstrap and other (??) programs
       on boot floppies
    -- other information that is needed for configuration files that will
       only be used when she loads Debian from her hard drive...


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