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Re: raid support and //etc/mtab with busybox mount command

On Thu Dec 02, 1999 at 04:49:21AM +0000, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Anyway.... 
> I kept getting segfaults when running mkraid from the boot dloppies,
> turns out that //etc/mtab is called a couple of times by raidtools, if
> its not there it segfaults. /etc/mtab is supposed to contain information
> on mounted partitions, when a partition is mounted the mount command is
> supposed to update this file. (so man mount says)
> The busybox mount command doesnt do this, but since //proc/mounts should
> be the same, ets/mtab could be just a symlink to //proc/mounts.
> man mount does mention that replacing //etc/mtab with a syumlink to
> //proc/moutns can cause problems with loopback devices, but it didnt
> really look into it much more.
> So im thinking a symlink should be there, anyway, when i get something
> working with raid ill send in a patch with a few other things.

Yes, the /etc/mtab -> /proc/mounts symlink should be there. Alternately,
we could turn on BB_MTAB, but I think that would just be a waste of


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