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Re: Base install works, root not cleanly unmounted

On Wed Dec 01, 1999 at 09:44:57AM -0700, Matt Porter wrote:
> I thought I saw a log for a fix to make sure /target wasn't busy when 
> unmounting all filesystems before a reboot.  It spits a usage message
> for umount out at me before rebooting and then of course I need to fscking 
> fsck the fs during boot time.
> The problem is non-obvious to me so any ideas would be appreciated.

There _was_ a problem with umount that caused a segfault with the badly
formed (i.e. empty) /etc/fstab. I fixed that and checked in the fix on
Nov. 27th. Was with a current CVS version?  If you want to track it down,
you could edit busybox/init.c with something like:
     signal(SIGUSR1, halt_signal);
-    signal(SIGUSR2, reboot_signal);
+    signal(SIGUSR2, halt_signal);

so you have time to read the error messages.


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