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Re: LINGUA (was Re: Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies aph)

> Perhaps someone familiar with the new i18n/l10n stuff can please
> clarify to me:
>   * I can understand why we need a variable holding the set of known
>     languages, but why not use another variable for that?  Or perhaps
>     LINGUA would become obsolete, so why not recycle it?

If we have it working, we don't need any variable. 

>   * Is it meaningful to ask about a "primary" language?

Hmmm, C as a fall-back, if the new-user breaks something ...

>   * Dn't we need character encodings in LINUGA too?


> It breaks at least *.sh and documentation/Makefile.
> I've been asked to change the way the documentation Makefile is
> invoked such that it builds documentation for all known languages....
> I'll go ahead and do that.


I think the choose-language is similary to the kbd layout. But we have
no lang.deb with a defined path, where the files live. And no 
langconfig, loadlangs, ... 

What if we say, floppies with only C and for CD with language support?
Shall we include the po, mo, trm files in one of our *.bin packages
or should we build a seperate lang-tar-ball with gezipped $lang.{po,mo,trm} ?



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