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Re: Problems using latest build

Just did a relatively problem free install with the latest CVS bf. 
Thanks for the clue Adam!

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Hmmm...  I just tried fdisk.  It's changed a lot but it does seem to
> work...  What "unintuitive" prompt are you talking about?  "Disk in
> use" ?

Well, it looks something like [dev/hda]:  I can't get it to do much from
there.  It doesn't look anything like the fdisk that runs from my
working (not the test bed) potato system which I apt-upgrade frequently.

> No such file, resc2880.bin anymore.

Ok, got it, found the file. That was my main problem.

> Yes -- known issue.  We're planning on redirecting all stderr (mabye
> stdout) to syslog and have a little tiny syslog in place, and

Sounds great.

> We have, um, about 7 weeks before the proposed freeze date.

So the freeze is around the middle of January then.

Craig H. Block, Debian ia32 user
Linux 2.2.12 SMP i686 building CVS bf

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