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Problem in Disk 10

Dear sir,
    I had download and try to install Debian Potato from  floppy disk. But it
has a problem with disk 10. I use rawrite2 to create every disk. When the
installation process ask for disk 10 and I insert it, it checking and told me
that is disk 1 not disk 10. So, I cannot continue the installation. I try to
change a floppy format from 1.44 to 1.2 and it has the same problem, disk 10
become disk 1. Now, I already finished my installation by install from

Somchai Limsiroratana
Agric. Process Engineering and Technology Lab.
Kyoto University, Kyoto, 606 JAPAN
Tel , Fax : 81-75-7536171
Tel(home) : 81-75-7038169

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