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Re: tasksel

Randolph Chung wrote:
> Unfortunately, this is not that straightforward. In a way, it's a standard
> word wrapping problem. We have packages with descriptions like this:
> some long text that might wrap
> o bulleted item 1
> o bulleted item 2
> Using your algorithm would result in mangled text that is difficult to read.
> If you can suggest a way around this, i'd be happy to fix it.

Basically, the rule is that any text that is indented by one space or more
(after the initial one space indent, of course) should not be wrapped. This
is in policy or the packaging manual somewhere.

> my worry is that it will not be usable on b/w monitors if we use highlight
> bars. there's also a feeble attempt on my part to provide "accessibility"
> features in tasksel, which is one reason i keep the cursor visible.

Oh, sure. You don't want to make the cursor not visible. The cursor needs to
track the selection for people with screen readers, too. However, you can
get something that works fine on B&W displays by using inverse video for the
selection bar. See how pdmenu does it, that has been tested on every funky
termial known to man..

see shy jo

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