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Hi Randolph, I had a look at tasksel. A few UI problems:

* View the info for task-laptop on an 80 column screen and you see:

  xName: task-laptop                                                      
  xThis is a collection of tools that laptop users will expect to find on

I'm afraid your word-wrapping isn't quite right. You need to collapse the
"\n" between "a" and "system" to a space.

* Fatal error encountered at slangui.c:92
  Sorry, tasksel needs a terminal with at least 70 columns and 20 rows
Woah, that's bad, because IIRC installing onto a Mac IIc you have about
40x25. (Don't take my word on this; can anyone verify that?)

* Since all the tasks start with "task-", it'd be nice to remove it from
them in the display. It'd also be nice if the short descriptions all started
at a consistent column on the screen.

* It'd be a nice plus if instead of just moving the cursor, there were a
highlight bar.

* I don't know if reading /var/lib/dpkg/available is going to work, because 
apt-get update doesn't update the available file (arguably, this is a bug in
apt't design..) You might do better to link with libapt and use libapt's
functions for looking up data on packages.

see shy jo

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