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Re: any way to have elvis-tiny link with slang ?

Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> writes:

> Only if there is a termcap emulation layer in/for slang. Is there?
> (I have never looked at slang)

Hmm... I'm not sure.  You mean termcap API emulation for programmers?

>From the changelog:

Changes since 0.99.17
1.  I have added limited termcap support although slang is still a terminfo
    based system.  The support is provided via the TERMCAP environment
    variable.  If this variable exists and contains a termcap entry for which
    there is no reference to another entry (via tc field), it will be used 
    to setup the terminal.   If the TERMCAP variable does not exist, or it 
    refers to a file, terminfo is used instead.  This is not really a
    limitation since one can set this variable in a way that slang likes by
    using `tset -s'.

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