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Re: Bug#47913: console-tools-libs: Priority required causes dselect problems on serial console machines

Adam Di Carlo writes:
 > Yann Dirson <ydirson@altern.org> writes:
 > > * console-tools (and thus console-tools-libs and console-data) are
 > >   "Section: base; Priority: required", because it is an important
 > >   piece of people installing a workstation, and seems as such to fall
 > >   under the "necessary for the proper functioning of the system"
 > >   clause in the Policy Manual (think of a non-matching keyboard).
 > Actually, ATM, we have console-data in base, but not console-tools*.
 > Maybe this is a problem...

Probably.  You may note I'm not quite at ease with the notion of a
"base" section anyway.  I just checked in the policy and packaging
manual, to refresh in my mind the official statements about this, but
could not even find them.  Could someone here point me to the right
doc ?

 > > * I attempted on my system to mark as "purge" the console-* packages,
 > >   left dselect, re-entered it, and my choices were preserved.
 > > * Thus the problem does not seem (to me) to be in the priorities as
 > >   handled by dselect, but in the priorities as handled by dbootstrap
 > >   and friends.
 > Here you must be somewhat confused.

That may well be ;)

 >  As far as I know, (a)
 > console-data is used on the rescue disk as well as the base system.
 > (b) There is no priority handling in dbootstrap at all! 

... then I don't understand there is a problem ??!

 > > What are the real problems of having these packages installed, anyway,
 > > apart from the problem of wasted diskspace ?  The default conf does
 > > not cause any console operations to be done (or it is probably a
 > > bug).
 > I would very much prefer not to have to purge these packages for
 > serial-console, but if console-* is causing problems for serial
 > consoles, instead make it detect when we're on serial console and act
 > appropriately in that case.


 > I agree, but I don't see why we can't have one base system which works
 > for headless as well as standard "headful" operation.


Matt Porter writes:
 > > * I attempted on my system to mark as "purge" the console-* packages,
 > >   left dselect, re-entered it, and my choices were preserved.
 > This is the problem with boot-floppies right now, I had dpkg do a purge
 > rather than having dselect mark the the packages as purge.

So what does this change ?  I had no problem purging
console-{tools,data} from my system using "dpkg --purge"...

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