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console-tools-libs: Priority required causes dselect problems on serial console machines

May I summarize what I understand of the current situation:

* console-tools (and thus console-tools-libs and console-data) are
  "Section: base; Priority: required", because it is an important
  piece of people installing a workstation, and seems as such to fall
  under the "necessary for the proper functioning of the system"
  clause in the Policy Manual (think of a non-matching keyboard).

* I was told we now support installation of serial-console machines
  (which I did not test), for which the above assumption is obviously

* I attempted on my system to mark as "purge" the console-* packages,
  left dselect, re-entered it, and my choices were preserved.

* Thus the problem does not seem (to me) to be in the priorities as
  handled by dselect, but in the priorities as handled by dbootstrap
  and friends.

What are the real problems of having these packages installed, anyway,
apart from the problem of wasted diskspace ?  The default conf does
not cause any console operations to be done (or it is probably a

In any case, I think we would better not make less intuitive the
configuration of a workstation because of serial-console issues,
mainly because people installing a serial-console machine will
presumably be experienced users.

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