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Bug#49172: dalvarez: Re: ["Nigel R. Armfield" <N.R.Armfield@lmu.ac.uk>] Bug#49172: Boot problems

>Thanks for all of your comments - I struggled on for a little longer
>but couldn't seem to make it perform any differently however I 
>tried. I suspect that it's simply not going to work.
>I managed to netboot it fine, mounted an NFS partition and did
>the rest from there. That's fine while I'm at work and connected
>to a fast network - at home I'd be in trouble!

Well that's good you were able to work around.

Does RedHat have boot-floppies that work for your model of sparc?
Do they work?  If so, perhaps we can look into how they fix things and
see if we can adapt that....

>While I'm here, may I ask if there is a tar archive of the
>binary-sparc hierarchy (I can't spot one) (or whether someone
>could kindly make me one ?). I don't like the idea of FTPing 
>each individual directory over. 

Huh?  For the packages?  You should check out 'apt-get'.

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