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Re: boot-floppy docs

>I'm in doubt with what the (mmm) "job" entails...
>I was kinda expecting something along the lines of:
>	Goto URL and get these FILES,
>	proofread/spellcheck/reorganize/whatever, 
>	then send them to me/debian-boot/whoever...

Ah, good point.  Well, I hadn't gotten to that level yet.

Ok, job#1 -- familiarize yourself with the SGML source, how it works
    job#2 --  go through the BTS, look for documentation bugs (normal
              or wishlist severity) and see if you can figure on how
              to address the issue.  Remember the bug# that you are
    job#3 -- after that, I have a number of email messages earmarked
             which contain stuff needing to be changed -- let me
             know when you get here...
>The bottom line on my end is that I have lots of time on my hands and am
>willing to help.  If you can think of a way for someone without CVS to
>contribute, or a way to get around the lack of CVS on my end, then just
>tell me what to do.

Sure -- the documentation tree isn't changing that often.  Actually,
if you just get the boot-floppies 2.2.1 source (from the Debian
archive) that will be quite up-to-date, regarding documentation.

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