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Bug#49172: dalvarez: Re: ["Nigel R. Armfield" <N.R.Armfield@lmu.ac.uk>] Bug#49172: Boot problems

> > >At the Sparc boot prompt, I do a 'b floppy', the floppy
> > >fires-up, spells out 'SILO' one char at a time and then
> > >says:
> > >
> > >Fatal error: Cannot read partition
> > >Illegal or malformed device name
> > >Fatal error: Cannot read partition
> > >Fatal error: Cannot read partition
> > >Image not found.... try again

I know that some sparc guys (was that Ben Collins?) said that floppy
booting can be flakey.

>     When you've bootet you get into some programm compairable
>     to the BIOS setup utility of PCs offering you a prompt, by holding
>     down the <Stop> -key in the left upper corner of your keyboard
>     (sorry if I'm boring some of you, but I can imagine that some may
>     still haven't noticed this) and typing <a>. The command 'printenv'
>     shows you a list of environmental variables, with some of them
>     affecting the boot process. The variable indicating the device to
>     boot from  is correct as SILO is starting, but maybe some other
>     entry prevents it from serving it's purpose.

We do talk about this stuff in the Installation Manual.

>     Try out some values, and if that doesn't work, download the images
>     again, maybe the part containing the begin of the kernel-image is broken.

I'm not sure -- it almost seems like bad partitioning on the Rescue
disk?  Or just the flakey floppy reading code on the BIOS?

Should I just close this bug?  Any other thoughts?

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