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Re: Current CVS builds AND runs (sorta)

Matt Porter wrote:
> I just checked in some changes so that dbootstrap cooperates with the new
> busybox.  This bloats the rootdisk a bit more so archs (other than powerpc)
> may have to up the limit in the Makefile.  There's definitely space wasted
> since dbootstrap now is a separate binary which still links with some 
> busybox objects...

Removing ldconfig.new for all arches including those don't support small libs
will save more than 200k !

--- rootdisk.sh.orig	Fri Nov  5 21:32:29 1999
+++ rootdisk.sh	Sat Nov  6 18:32:50 1999
@@ -465,9 +465,10 @@
   $scripts/mklibs.sh --verbose --dest-dir $R/lib $EXECUTABLES
   /usr/sbin/chroot $R /sbin/ldconfig.new -v
-  rm -f $R/sbin/ldconfig.new &
 fi # arch != powerpc ...
+rm -f $R/sbin/ldconfig.new
 # Some files aren't needed until the modules are installed (ifport,
 # cardmgr,... ). They will come in the drivers disk, freeing up some

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