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Bug#49126: Potato i386 PCMCIA installation requires bash

reassign 49126 pcmcia-cs
severity 49126 critical

Barry Kitson <b.kitson@trl.telstra.com.au> writes:

> When installing from scratch onto a laptop which will use a PCMCIA
> ethernet card in order to install the base system via NFS, the PCMCIA
> installation completes successfully.  However, the network
> configuration fails, throwing the entire installation into disarray.
> The problem is simple.  The PCMCIA scripts in /etc/pcmcia all use "#!
> /bin/bash", which is not available on the root filesystem (on the
> ramdisk).  The first scipt to offend (on my system) is
> /etc/pcmcia/network, but all the executable scripts are potential
> problems.
> (BTW, on slink "#! /bin/sh" was used instead of bash in the PCMCIA scripts.)

Oh crap.  This is serious trouble.  Brian, bash isn't on the rescue
system (although it is in base) -- instead, we use ash.  Could you
make sure that these /etc/pcmcia/* scripts (which must be run from the
rescue disk during dbootstrap installation) can work with ash, and set
them to use /bin/sh ?

> A quick work-around is to add a link to /bin/sh, naming it /bin/bash,
> from the alternate terminal during installation before configuring
> the networking.


> However, this just gets you to the problem with base2_2.tgz.

Which problem was that?  Already filed?

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