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Bug#49126: Potato i386 PCMCIA installation requires bash

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.1-1999-10-22

When installing from scratch onto a laptop which will use a PCMCIA
ethernet card in order to install the base system via NFS, the PCMCIA
installation completes successfully.  However, the network
configuration fails, throwing the entire installation into disarray.

The problem is simple.  The PCMCIA scripts in /etc/pcmcia all use "#!
/bin/bash", which is not available on the root filesystem (on the
ramdisk).  The first scipt to offend (on my system) is
/etc/pcmcia/network, but all the executable scripts are potential

(BTW, on slink "#! /bin/sh" was used instead of bash in the PCMCIA scripts.)

A quick work-around is to add a link to /bin/sh, naming it /bin/bash,
from the alternate terminal during installation before configuring
the networking.  However, this just gets you to the problem with

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