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Re: New style raid support during install (was Re: kernel support, v0.36 v's v0.9)

Oh, i forgot to mention that to create the riad partition mkraid looks at a
config file (//etc/raidtab) which specifies what partitions are being used

This would be different for each situation, initialy i guess it could be
done by hand, once(if) root raid proved itself it could be incorperated into
the menu system.

Once the raid partition is created and with raid autodetection enbled (i
didnt mention this is the previous message either) in the kernel this config
file isnt needed but is handy to keep as a reference anyway.

If anyones interested in looking at raid further the HOWTO you should look
at is at dont look at the howto at linuxdoc.org or other traditional places,
that one is old and not being maintained anymore (dunno why they dont use
the maintained howto, but thats another story i guess)


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