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Re: Updates to ash and busybox

On Thu Oct 21, 1999 at 07:42:13PM +0200, Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> I have a few stuff I would like:
> insmod, rmmod, modprobe, sed, whiptail

Hmm. Looks like rmmod and modprobe are symlinks to insmod which is 63k.
I'll take a look at what can be done to shrink it down. I know that
insmod has a zillion special cases in it for differing kernel versions.
If we could pin down a particular set of kernel versions (say linux
2.2.13 and linux 2.3.22+ for instance) I'm sure that could free up some
space. I'll definately check into it.

The full sed binary is 44k, but could prove very useful indeed (with
sed there we could replace the grep I wrote (1k but only matches simple
strings) with a shell script based on sed. Of course, a reduced sed (say
that only supports sed -e 's/<foo>/<bar>/gp' syntax and used a subset
of regexps that only included say . * ^ $ \ and []) could save some

whiptail is 18k, plus an additional 65k for libnewt. I suspect that
this is something that will not shrink down very well, so I think that
keeping it outside of busybox may be best.

> I would like to get modconf working without wasing too much space and
> space is a major problem for the demo-fs boot-disks at the moment.


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