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Re: Succes building i386 boot-floppies

On Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 11:10:23AM +0200, Petr Cech wrote:
> So,
> after having some time to play with, the boot-floppies 2.2.1 for i386
> are finally there :).
> There is reference to slang 1.2.2 in rootdisk.sh and mklibs.sh. I fixed this.
> But I don't understand, why are these lines in rootdisk.sh:
>   rm -f $R/usr/lib/libslang.so.$SLVER $R/lib/libslang.so.$SLVER
>   rm -f $R/usr/lib/libnewt*
> It's #ifdef so is executed on i386 only.
> Then I've fixed the recode warnings. May I commit these fixes?
> And shoul I upload 2.2.1 build of boot-floppies?

It's no longer 2.2.1 if you made changes from the source tagged as
porter_release_2_2_1.  You'll need to bump things to 2.2.2, and do a
source/i386 release for 2.2.2.  

Matt Porter
This is Linux Country. On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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