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Re: make release errors 2.2.1 i386

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> "Craig H. Block" <pdxsj@pacbell.net> writes:
> > I'm building with a freshly installed i386 system using images made by
> > boot-floppies-2.2.1pre.  I'm running "apt-get install -f" and "apt-get
> > upgrade" afterwards so the system configuration is the latest available.
> > I'm also rsyncing my local mirror prior to build time.
> Yes, but what version of newt are you using??
> Have you run 'make check' and it succeeds?
"make check" succeds prior to building the release within

When I do "apt-get" install -f" newt0.30 is uninstalled and replaced
libnewt0_0.50-4_i386.deb  I'm also installing

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