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Re: Essential bloat [was: Debian on CDROM]

On Sat, Oct 16, 1999 at 10:18:56PM +0200, Goswin Brederlow was heard to say:
> They will all have some existing OS, so hey can easily download all
> the required stuff to a partition and boot with the rescue and drivers 
> disks only. No need to make base disks.
> Debian should force diskless methods a bit more in the dcumentation,
> its far easier, faster and more conftabe than make basedisks.
> May the Source be with you.
> 			Goswin
> PS: I don´t opt against base disks, but their use should be the last
> resort when all else fails.

  Actually, you don't even need the rescue and drivers disks -- loadlin
and some scripts to start the instsallation with it are available from
the disks directory, or they were last time I installed slink..


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