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Re: Proposal: dump dselect for console-apt

> * Non developer Debian users *hate* dselect with a passion and avoid Debian
>   because of it.
Hey, I resemble that remark!  I might be one of the strange ones
(well...am one of the) who actually likes dselect mainly because of its
ability to handle packages on an individual basis.  That capability is
one of the reasons I stay with debian.  I admit dselect is a major pain
even for some of the less faint of heart.  I don't mind if you pull it
from the installation routine, thats fine.  I never run it from there
anyway.  But please don't remove it from the base install unless of
course console-apt can do the same thing only better. 

The following excerpt from an installation script demonstrates how
useful it really is, at least for me;

   dpkg --clear-avail
   apt-get update
   dselect update
   dpkg --set-selections < ./selections-base
   dselect remove
   apt-get upgrade
   dselect install
   dpkg --set-selections < ./selections-addons
   dselect install

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