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Bug#47101: install boot trouble

At 11:02 PM 10/10/99 -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>Jason Hilkey <hilkey@pobox.com> writes:
>> i am having a problem loadin the initial kernel and install. i boot from 
>> the low memory floppy i have created from lowmemrd.bin.  i get the boot: 
>> prompt and have tried numerous boot options, including the default.  The 
>> install reponds with:
>> Loading lowmemrd.bin....
>> Loading linux..............
>> Uncompressing linux...done
>> Now loading the kernel.
>> It then reboots the laptop, boots off the low memory floppy disk again and 
>> i come back to the install screen with the boot: prompt.
>We believe this is probably a syslinux problem.
>> Any assitance or direction would be very much appreciated.  Please let me 
>> know if i can provide further info.
>You could try using the new syslinux in potato to roll your own
>boot-disk.  We intend to have a new potato boot-floppies soon as well,
>which you may wish to test.

Is that version of syslinux 1.43-1 ?  Or can you point me to where i can
download the potato version?  And yes, i would be willing to test a new
potato boot-floppies.

Thank you
Jason Hilkey
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