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Re: 2.2.12 kernel apm

I raised this as bug 42258, and Herbert Xu fixed it in his upload a week ago. It
was a Debian request ages ago that got APM to be boot-time configurable even if
compiled in, although on unpatched kernels it still defaults to on rather than

Some documentation is clearly needed - maybe apmd should mention it when it gets
installed? Liloconfig?

Joey Hess wrote:

> I just installed kernel 2.2.12 on my laptop, and was having some trouble
> getting apm working. it said "apm disabled on user request" at boot time.
> Well, some grepping the kernel sources found that passing "apm=on" to the
> kernel at boot time enables it now. I can't find any record or docs of this
> change.
> This strikes me as potentially a very good change. Wouldn't it mean we can
> build apm into our stock kernels now? It will be off by default, but laptop
> users can turn it own w/o too much bother.

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